AOC Urges Illegal Immigrants to Fill Out Census Form

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We’re used to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying outrageous things. It’s her schtick. She glories in getting conservatives and ordinary Americans angry at her. She’s an arrogant elitist who thinks that anyone who doesn’t agree with her is a xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, lowlife.

And that’s if you’re on her good side.

In an appearance on Seth Meyers, AOC didn’t disappoint. She told the host, “We’re all going to get mailed a prompt to fill out the census in the next two weeks or so. Every single person, no matter your documentation status, no matter your housing status, income, etc., is to be counted.”

Numbers from the census are used to determine how much in goodies offered by the government should be dispersed to certain states and areas. AOC’s belief is “the more the merrier.” Presumably, she would deny our household pets the opportunity to be counted — but then she’s an animal rights nutcase so…who knows?

It’s OK to fill out the form if you’re an illegal because we made sure there wouldn’t be any bothersome question on whether you’re a citizen or not. That simple measure was removed before the forms were printed after pro-illegal alien groups sued to have it taken out.


In 2019, Ocasio-Cortez condemned the idea of a citizenship question on the census, saying, “unspeakable horrors have been executed in the United States in the name of citizenship.”

I’m not sure what “unspeakable horrors” she’s referring to. Maybe she thinks arresting someone for breaking the law against entering the country illegally is a “horror.” Whatever she’s talking about, we’ll never know because the horrors are unspeakable.

How convenient.

President Trump stoked outrage in 2018 when his administration announced plans to reintroduce a citizenship question to the decennial U.S. census for the first time since  1950. Critics called the proposed citizenship question  xenophobic and claimed its addition would suppress a true count of the populace, but proponents argued the measure would protect against voting discrimination. Federal Judge Jesse Furman ruled against the plan, writing that the implementation of  a citizenship test would be both “arbitrary and capricious.”

Well, he’s a federal judge so any law he doesn’t much like is “arbitrary and capricious.”

Of course, illegals don’t understand that immigration authorities can’t use census data to carry out that round-up they’re always being told is planned for them. Therefore, their fear of identifying themselves for automatic deportation as non-citizens is just stupid paranoia.

Ocasio-Cortez makes her living by scaring the most vulnerable among us and using that fear to gain political power. We used to call that “demagoguery” but now, it’s just standard liberal Democratic politics.