As Trump exits, the left doubles down on the White supremacy lie

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What was true in 1860 is still true today: The Democrat party’s strength derives from its racist ideology. In 1860, it hated Blacks. In the 21st century, its hate-filled racial obsessions center on Whites. That’s why, in the summer of 2017, it was manna from Heaven when leftists twisted President Trump’s words to create the lie that he supports White supremacists. This useful lie allowed Democrats to slander Trump’s supporters too – something it is doing with unusual aggression as Democrats prepare to take over the federal government.

Before Trump glided down the golden escalator in 2015, there had never been a whisper of racism connected to him. Indeed, he was much admired in the Black rap community. It’s impossible to imagine they would have felt this way if he’d been known for White supremacy.

Moreover, looking back over Trump’s four-year presidency, nothing he did or said (when accurately quoted) was racist. His economic policies served minorities spectacularly well. And over 25 years after Biden’s crime bill consigned two generations of Black men to prison, Trump finally did what Obama either couldn’t or wouldn’t: He got a criminal justice reform bill passed that finally returned Black men to their families.

No wonder that Trump received the 2019 “Bipartisan Justice Award” from a bipartisan organization of Black leaders. And no wonder that Trump improved his performance among both Blacks and Hispanics in the 2020 election. It’s inconceivable that these new Republican voters would have cast their votes for Trump if they believed the Democrats’ insistence that Trump is a White supremacist.

In other words, whether in word or deed, there’s nothing of the racist about Trump. Nevertheless, beginning after Charlottesville, Virginia, when people clashed over removing a statue of Robert E. Lee, the media propagated the “Fine People Hoax,” which may be one of the most successful and damaging lies ever perpetrated in America.

The reality was that Trump said that there were “fine people” on “both sides” of the debate – meaning the debate about whether mobs should rip down history. He hastened to add that he was explicitly excluding White supremacists from that statement.

The media, in a spectacular act of dishonesty, latched onto the first statement about fine people, misinterpreted it, and suppressed Trump’s immediate and explicit disclaimer. Within hours – and for the remainder of Trump’s presidency – the Democrats had their narrative: Trump supports White supremacists.

The equally immediate corollary was and remains that only White supremacists support Trump. Thus, we Trump supporters started off as Deplorables and ended up as Nazis. (Ironically, Virginia’s Democrats elected as their governor a guy who dressed up either as a KKK member or wore Blackface; it’s hard to tell.)

With Trump due to walk out of the White House on Wednesday, one would think the left would let up on this narrative. Instead, the left is doubling down on it (hat tip for link round-up: Revolver).

The New York Times: “White Riot — How racism, grievance, resentment and the fear of diminished status came together to fuel violence and mayhem on Jan. 6.”
AP: “Years of White supremacy threats culminated in Capitol riots.”
CNN: “The Capitol attack was White supremacy, plain and simple”
Los Angeles Times: “Editorial: White supremacist extremists are the nation’s deadliest terror threat.”
The Washington Post: “The seditionists made clear what their attack was about: White supremacy”
None of the articles can explain why one of the people who was a leader on Capitol Hill that day was John Sullivan, a young Black man, a leftist, whose own brother said that he went there to be a provocateur and leader. It’s hard to imagine a raging army of White supremacists looking to Sullivan for leadership, but he was one of the ones whom those alleged race haters followed.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why the Leftists and NeverTrumpers are escalating their contention that Trump is a racist, even as he leaves the D.C. scene. Seventy-five million Trump supporters are still living, working, and voting in the U.S., and the left must marginalize them by “otherizing” them in the worst possible way.

Additionally, the leftist coalition has nothing in common but a sense of victimhood and an abiding hatred for Trump and “racists.” Because the left will be in power, that sense of victimhood is going to diminish. Instead, there’ll be fierce battles for political money and spoils, which will start to break down the coalition.

Trump will be gone, so the only thing that will bind that disparate, angry party together is hating you. If you’re familiar with 1984’s two-minutes of hate for Emmanuel Goldstein, get ready for the Groundhog Day version, which is endless, daily minutes of hate for anyone low on melanin whoever supported Donald Trump.