Buttigieg’s Campaign Demands Nevada Democratic Party Correct ‘Irregularities’ As Final Results Not Yet Tallied

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Although the Democratic Party narrowly avoided a repeat of the Iowa caucus disaster in Nevada over the weekend, the final official vote for the Silver State’s caucus has not yet been tallied.

Now, Pete Buttigieg’s campaign is claiming there are inconsistencies in the caucus process.

In a letter sent to the chairman of the Nevada Democratic Party, Buttigieg’s campaign demanded the party take “concrete steps” to correct “material irregularities.”

“In light of material irregularities pertaining to the process of integrating early votes in to the in-person precinct caucus results, we request that you: (1) Release early vote and in-person vote totals by precinct; (2) Correct any outstanding early vote and second alignment errors identified by presidential campaigns, including ours; and (3) Explain anomalies in the data,” the campaign said.

In total, Buttigieg’s campaign claimed it had “received more than 200 incident reports today from precincts around the state.”

Buttigieg’s campaign is not challenging Sanders’ decisive victory. Rather, their concerns are related to how close Buttigieg and Joe Biden are for second place.

In a statement to Politico, Nevada Democratic Party spokeswoman Molly Forgey pushed back at the Buttigieg campaign’s demands.

“We are continuing to verify and to report results,” she said. “We never indicated we would release a separate breakdown of early vote and in-person attendees by precinct and will not change our reporting process now. As laid out in our recount guidance, there is a formal method for requesting a challenge of results.”

As of 7 a.m. ET Monday, just 88 percent of Nevada precincts were reporting results. By 9 a.m. ET, 96 percent were reporting, and Biden was projected to win second place as he held a nearly 2,000 vote lead over Buttigieg.