Christopher Columbus statue removed, but shootings and murders continue in Chicago

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While Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot (only Democrats allowed) justified bowing to mob violence, removing the statue of Christopher Columbus from the city’s downtown Grant Park in the wee hours Friday morning “to protect public safety,” not so surprisingly — to some — the city remained unsafe.

As the dangerous statues were removed, elsewhere in the city: “At least 18 shot, 4 fatally, in Chicago shootings Thursday night into Friday morning.”

Busy cheering the statue’s removal, the mob didn’t notice that not too far from them in the park, “Another man stabbed in Chicago’s Grant Park.”

Despite the mob piously shrieking “Black Lives Matter,” the victims were…black.

And all evidence indicates that the shooters were, no, not white cops, in case you were interested, but…black males.

Involved in reporting on the statues’ removal and the peacefully riotous protests near the mayor’s home, the city’s news media neglected to mention these incidents until late Friday afternoon. But then again, because shootings and killings are such common occurrences, maybe it is not considered news.

Meanwhile, the statue has not returned to the park. Do all lives matter?