Dr. Jill And The DEMISE Of President Joe Biden

Throughout the campaign, many Americans argued that Joe Biden’s family should have spared him the agony and embarrassment of serving as President when his health was unfit. She was cited by RedState on Sunday as well.

Meanwhile, the disasters of total capitulation in Afghanistan continue to unroll and deepen. The commander in chief looks to be barely functioning, frequently disguised from the public, and not up to the task at hand. Moreover, among individuals who are incapable of dealing with the reality are the press secretary for Jill Biden.

Earlier Dr. Jill Biden stated that she was interested in positions as well as titles. The educational difference made by Jill Biden is not new. In 2009, the Los Angeles Times published an article on it. The following is an excerpt from Robin Abcarian’s article that Joe Biden claimed on the campaign trail that his wife’s desire for the highest degree was motivated by her perceived second-class status in their communication.

Since Mrs. Biden admitted to getting a Ph.D. in teaching with a term paper-length “dissertation” from a third-tier education institution, people began to envision her as Lady McBiden, pushing and manipulating her unlucky near-ward to maintain her hold on benefits, money, and titles. The majority of the Americans now recognize his unfitness for office.

In simple words, the withdrawal from Afghanistan occurred without warning, with no consideration for logical sequencing, for instance, keeping Bagram AFB open until the evacuation is complete and with no evidence of anything other than a blanket order to leave Afghanistan immediately. Therefore, Dr. Jill and President Biden have come under fire for their remarks on Afghanistan in the past few days.