“EXCLUSIVE” Rep. Claudia Tenney To Oppressed Iranians: GOP Won’t Allow Biden Administration To Sell You Out

Representative Claudia Tenney (R-NY) slammed Biden when talking to Breitbart News. Tenney said, “President Biden completely mismanaged our withdrawal from Afghanistan, and it is having a chilling effect across the region.”

Tenney pointed out an important issue created by the Biden administration. The middle east isn’t just a hotbed for terrorism but also holds several critical allies to the United States. Saudi Arabia has been an ally of the United States and Egypt, Israel, and several other countries.

Israel has had mediocre support, mainly from Democrats, over the years, and it seems to be a flip flop of policy suggestions. Earlier in 2021, Israel and Hamas were in a civil war against each other, and Biden didn’t immediately react and was sympathetic to Hamas.

Biden isn’t sure who he supports, and it’s not clear he knows why he does or doesn’t support them. Though he hasn’t said it, it looks pretty reasonable to believe that Biden sees the Taliban as a governmental authority. The United States must leave Afghanistan, but Biden has utterly destroyed the world’s confidence with their withdrawal efforts. When the United States began to withdraw, the United Kingdom and many other countries in the region had troops and residents inside Afghanistan, which prompted the Taliban’s takeover. When the Afghan military retreated and essentially gave up, other countries sent military personnel into Afghanistan. Still, the order has come down that the United States is not to go on rescue missions. Currently, the Taliban isn’t allowing passage to citizens and allies through checkpoints, and from reports, they’re burning and destroying passports and documents from people coming through.

Tenney confirmed the lack of respect and support for the United States, saying, “Allies and partners worldwide, from Europe to the Middle East, are now questioning America’s resolve to fight terrorism and stand up to Islamic Extremism,” and Parliament held Biden in contempt. So, it’s unclear the future of United States allies’ support for the military and involvement moving forward.

Tenney said, “Congress must fill the void Biden so recklessly left in Afghanistan. We must ensure every American citizen is evacuated and our counter-terrorism mission continues.” And, this should have been handled before the U.S. military force left Afghanistan. There’s no reason it shouldn’t have been completed. Overconfidence in the enemy’s incompetence is detrimental while engaging in war. This display of failure proves that the enemy, no matter the size, will capitalize on the opportunity to invade and take advantage of any previously discussed agreement.