Rudy Giuliani says legal team will keep fighting Trump’s case despite SCOTUS rejecting Texas lawsuit

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Rudy Giuliani, the attorney for President Donald Trump, said that they would continue fighting the president’s case despite the Supreme Court rejecting a lawsuit from the state of Texas questioning the results from four states.

Giuliani was on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News on Friday night after the results from the Supreme Court were announced.

“Is there any other, do you see any other legal path?” asked Hannity.

“Well the legal path now are the state courts and you have to hope that the justices of the state courts are going to show somewhat more determination, somewhat more willingness to be willing to take some degree of criticism, and somewhat more willingness to have an open mind,” said Giuliani.

“That’s all we’re asking them to do, we’re just asking them to hear the facts, let the the American people, let the American people hear the facts and let the judges hear the facts,” he continued.

“So far the facts have been oppressed, they’ve been subject to censorship, censorship by big media, censorship by big tech, censorship by the Democrat party,” he said on a cable news show with millions of viewers.

“Censorship by the courts! No court has granted a hearing! I mean, listen to the facts!” Giuliani concluded. “What are you so afraid of, what are you so afraid of? Listen to the facts!”

The president’s legal team has filed dozens of lawsuits in their quest to overturn the official results of the election, the vast majority of which have failed.

The Supreme Court decision was a brief one that said simply that the state of Texas did not have the constitutional standing to sue over the manner in which other states run their elections.