Several Disasters On Joe Biden Administration

Long before he was elected, Joe Biden’s difficult first six months as President of the United States were predicted. If you didn’t think this was bad, you were as exhausted as Biden during his campaign. Here are a few examples of Biden’s flaws.

Afghanistan has devolved into a war zone, and this did not occur overnight. Even though the Biden administration was aware that the Taliban was gaining ground, contingency plans were neglected. The Taliban began issuing instructions to the U.S., and the U.S. listened closely, and we are obeying their directions. The original pullout date was September 11th, 2021, but the Taliban stated that the U.S. military must leave by August 31st, 2021. Biden concurred. Like a coward, he backed down from his original intention of meeting the Taliban’s demands. So far, 14 military personnel have been slain in two days, and hundreds of Afghans have been slaughtered alongside them. Two suicide bombers struck the Kabul airport during evacuations, and ISIS K took advantage of the situation. There were various means to conduct the pullout and contingency plans that could have been implemented, but these were ignored.

Covid-19 has been on the rise for nearly two years, and Biden insists on immunization as a long-term solution. Until the introduction of “Comirnaty,” Covid-19 vaccines were not licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Comirnaty is not yet available, and the Emergency Use Authorization states that there must be a licensed vaccination or medicinal treatment to solve the problem for EUAs to exist. So all of Biden’s remarks about requiring the vaccine, which he hasn’t done for White House personnel, are bullshit.

Big Pharma is gaining billions of dollars from the EUA that is currently in effect, and if it is removed, the firms will be held accountable for any injuries caused by the Covid-19 vaccine. That is not what they desire. They’re content where they are, spending politicians millions of dollars to ensure they get what they want.

Biden also enjoys claiming that we are amid a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” but he does not support his assertion with science. Natural antibodies from Covid-19 infection, according to the National Institute of Health, endure at least eight months. Because the Covid-19 vaccine is so new, the actual antibody lifetime is unknown. Nonetheless, it has been claimed that it lasts at least six months. You’ll get your solution if you keep an eye out for spikes in Covid-19 instances. You don’t have to be a scientist, doctor, or medical professional to see waves on a graph to measure antibody reaction. Some attribute it to masks and social isolation, although this is not the case.

Wasn’t the Eviction Moratorium entertaining? Renters are not required to pay their landlord’s rent while receiving unemployment benefits, but where is the landlord’s funding? According to Press Secretary Jen Psaki, money from the American Rescue Plan was sent to every state, but governments have yet to disperse it.

The Eviction Moratorium was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but Biden is unconcerned. Who thought he’d do it?

It turns out that the CDC is incapable of enacting legislation. Nobody voted for a CDC director, and one will never appear on a ballot, so why did Biden think it was a good idea? Any time the government intervenes in your life or livelihood, it is an overreach, and most of the time, it is unlawful. Where is the impeachment process?

Most gas prices are over $3 per gallon, and they are not likely to lower. After Continental was hacked and its pipes were shut down, they paid $5 million to fix the damage, which is only one of the reasons why gas prices have skyrocketed. Biden halted the Keystone XL Pipeline and resumed oil imports. Former President Donald Trump achieved oil independence for the United States, and it was working. In many regions, gas costs were less than $2 per gallon and closer to $1 per gallon.

Biden’s presidency and the Democratic Party’s spending proposals have set the United States on a path of inflation that we cannot reverse. Trillions of dollars in taxpayer money have been proposed and even passed, affecting future generations and all of us now. Biden can sit back and say that taxes will not be raised for anyone earning less than $400,000 per year, but businesses will increase their pricing to stay up with their tax rates. It isn’t working.

The southern border is wide open as a result of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Border Patrol is less capable now than it was before the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots when law enforcement officers around the country fled the profession. Police personnel have been charged with crimes they never committed by district courts, police departments, and attorneys. Oversight in police agencies is a beautiful thing, but perception is being treated as fact, and the components of the crime are not being met when charging police officers with crimes. The cases are being dismissed, and the policemen are fed up with being chastised.

Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants enter our country each month, causing inflation and tax increases that will affect every person in this country. The federal government has previously bailed out illicit immigrants by providing them with someplace to stay and money to get by until more permanent solutions can be found. The Supreme Court also stated that Biden must return to Donald Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy while aliens await their court date. It appears to be a pattern for Biden.

Huawei is back, and this time it’s better than ever. Trump prohibited U.S. companies from sending items to the corporation because he was concerned that the company would utilize U.S. technology against us. Biden appears to believe that Huawei deserves a second chance and has eased many of Trump’s limitations on the corporation.

All of this in less than six months as President of the United States. Who wants to reclaim their vote?