Mark Levin BLASTS Cuomo for Putting COVID Patients in NY Nursing Homes, Blaming Trump for Thousands Dead

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BlazeTV host Mark Levin ripped into New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) for directing COVID-19 positive patients to be sent to nursing homes and senior facilities, then blaming the deaths of thousands of his state’s senior citizens on President Donald Trump.

“On March 25th, New York Governor Cuomo issued an advisory for hospitals … to discharge elderly patients with COVID-19 back to nursing homes,” Levin said. “You had that situation, plus you had individuals who were not initially residents being moved into these nursing homes. According to the New York Times’s latest analysis of the coronavirus, the disease has plagued nursing home and elderly care facilities in a disproportionate manner, killing upwards of 10,500 residents.”

“At a briefing this past Monday, when Cuomo was asked about admitting coronavirus patients to nursing homes, he claimed he was unaware of New York’s rule, which is a flat out lie. The rule came from him,” he added.