Texas House Democrat Calls For Federal Intervention

Intention without an expected outcome is defined as a mistake. The Democrats in Texas are learning that lesson the hard way.

Texas Democrats have failed to stop a Texas bill that strengthens election security, and now, they look dumb. The bill would require voter identification and mandate security footage in polling locations, among other things. Real oppressive.

Ron Reynolds (D-TX) is seeking federal intervention because the Texas Democrats failed. Reynolds said, “for us, it’s do or die because Gov. Abbott is going to call another special session as early as Aug. 9.” Of course, it’s do or die. The “For the People Act” isn’t for the people at all. The Democrats are trying to flex their power, and it shouldn’t work like that. Individual states regulate their elections, so it’s not up to the federal government, or Democrats, to say how elections are run in states.

Like children in time out, Governor Abbott may bring the Democrats back to theTexas Capitol to continue business and stop wasting taxpayer dollars. In the circumstances like this, it’s reasonable to assume the Democrats who left Texas should be removed from office. Democracy works when all players come together and vote like the foundation of this country intended. Texans, and other states, elect representatives to conduct the business they want to be done in Texas, and to leave that state just because you aren’t getting your way is ridiculous. It shows that the Democratic Party has been fed the federal government’s juice to the point of reliance on rebellion and lack of leadership to enact change, or at least what they see as change.

The phrase “be the change you want to see” relies on responsible leadership. We do not see that. What we’re seeing is a lack of accountability and crybabies running to their government daddy because mommy said they couldn’t have ice cream.

Be the moral improvement you want to see in the world, and hold yourself to a standard that allows you to fail. Keep your head up high and go on to the next subject. Have better luck the next time.