The left just can’t quit Donald Trump – and the right doesn’t want to

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Not only is Joe Biden shaping up to be the worst president in American history – and yes, I can say that even though he’s been in office for only ten days – he’s also shaping up to be the greatest nonentity in American history. Despite finally having their puppet in the White House, leftists cannot let go of their Trump obsession. They’re still determined to destroy Trump, and they can’t seem to quit him.

The winning entry for failing to grok that Trump is gone, really gone, goes to Joe Biden himself. He was declared “president-elect” months ago and moved into the Oval Office ten days ago, but deep down he knows it’s a fake. His subconscious is sending him the truth. While riffling through his little notecards telling him what the heck he was doing, Biden had this to say about signing one of the Executive Order’s his puppet-masters placed before him:

“The second order I’m going to be signing also changes what the president has done,” Biden said, before correcting himself. “The president, the president … the former president has done and a memorandum reverse of my predecessor’s attack on women’s health access.”

In Palm Beach, where Trump’s moved into Mar-a-Lago, the city of Palm Beach has decided to try to deny him legal residency. As you may recall, because New York was relentlessly harassing him, Trump, who lived in New York until he entered the White House, announced that he would henceforth have his primary residence in Florida. Palm Beach opposes that:

The town of Palm Beach, Fla., confirmed to The Hill on Friday that it’s performing a legal review of former President Trump‘s residency at Mar-a-Lago after suggesting that it might do so in December.

“Our town attorney is reviewing the agreement and the laws surrounding it,” Palm Beach Town Manager Kirk Blouin told The Hill.


The former president’s decision to make Mar-a-Lago his permanent residence could be a violation of rules set forward in a previous agreement with the town when he decided to convert the private residence into a club in 1993.

Among those conditions were that club members, including Trump, could only spend a maximum of seven consecutive days and no more than three weeks a year at the premises, CNN reports.


A spokesperson for the Trump Organization previously told the Herald that “There is no document or agreement in place that prohibits President Trump from using Mar-a-Lago as his residence.”

And there’s the pending impeachment based on the claim that Trump inspired an insurrection against the Capitol. We know that the Capitol incursion was planned months in advance, that Trump spoke only of peacefully approaching the Capitol (unlike the Democrats’ military branches of BLM and Antifa, which like to storm places), and that the small percentage of rally attendees who entered the Capitol were already on the move before Trump even finished speaking. There are also 45 Senators already on record opposing the impeachment. Yet the loopy Democrats persist, unable to let go of their favorite scapegoat.

Out in the country, though, far from from the fetid, poisonous swamp gas of D.C., something interesting is happening. Within just ten days, those who voted for Biden, having witnessed his 42 socialist, anti-American, job-killing, anti-women, pro-insanity Executive Orders, are having buyer’s remorse.

As for Trump? He’s going up in people’s estimation:

Former President Donald Trump has actually gained — not lost — political clout since leaving office, a political observer asserted Friday.

Politico reporter Tara Palmeri’s observation runs contrary to the assumptions of many in the Washington D.C. establishment and the mainstream media.

“People don’t want to hear anything against Trump,” Palmeri said during an appearance on MSNBC. “Actually, the more he stays out of the media, the more that he becomes this martyr, this looming figure over the GOP.”


She then described an apparent disconnect between what’s perceived as truth in D.C. and what’s perceived as truth in Cheyenne. Palmeri mentioned locals not wearing masks, expressing distrust of the coronavirus vaccine, claiming both that the number of reported deaths from the pandemic were “inflated,” believing the 2020 presidential election wasn’t legitimate, and that the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill was “staged” by Antifa.

Biden’s actions are creating clarity: People are seeing that the man who sold himself as a moderate is a senile puppet who is taking orders from radical socialists. They’re also realizing that Trump and conservatives were right when they said that socialist policies will destroy every American, not just the ones that the Democrats don’t like.

Abraham Lincoln famously said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” We’re about to see the truth behind that statement play out.