The Media Didn’t Make Andrew Cuomo A Monster, They Just Enabled His Narcissism

Enabling a narcissist has never been a good idea. It makes them feel like their power is above anyone else’s, and they begin to feel like they can continue their tirade. They tend to double down when they’re caught in their devious acts, where Andrew Cuomo comes into play.

While Cuomo was harassing women, he felt no remorse for his acts, but the second he’s caught, he explains that he’s done nothing wrong, but the accounts of harassment tell a different story.

When someone claims harassment and is lying, they generally exaggerate the truth. In these sexual harassment claims, we see that every claim is almost identical, and Cuomo’s actions and responses are similar. When Brett Kavanaugh was accused, it was the furthest accusation that could be thrown, and all Democrats said “believe all victims,” but now it seems to be a different story.

A lot of accusations against Cuomo said that they happened in private. Still, some were during press conferences when he said, “Nice to see you, Doctor. You make that gown look good” on the stage after making an inappropriate sexual comment about her saying she would have a gentle but accurate nose.

Cuomo was praised as a public hero during the pandemic, and every governor was compared to Cuomo when he would take action, even if that were putting Covid-19 patients in nursing homes. He has single-handedly ruined our perspective on healthcare, and the Democratic party has helped him. The CDC has gone from accurate and informative to a huge mess because they can’t get the recommendations correct and keep telling people to get vaccinated, but that may not be the right way to go for each individual.

Another accusation said that Cuomo shook her hand, and he moved his hand to her back where her dress cut out had bare skin that he placed his hand. When the female took his hand off of her back, he said she was aggressive and cupped her face and asked if he could kiss her and went in for a kiss, which she turned her face, and he kissed her on the cheek. The picture captured at the wedding shows Cuomo cupping the female’s face and her uncomfortable look. Her right hand is inside of his arms as if she is trying to push his hands away. The expected behavior of accepting an advance would show her hand on the outside of his arm, but she seems to be making a defensive move in an attempt to stop him.

Cuomo shut down large parts of New York, and many other leaders looked to that example and tried to mimic it. Still, now Cuomo is backing Mayor Bill de Blasio in enacting the Key to New York City pass, which restricts unvaccinated people from engaging in certain business transactions. Cuomo has been an absolute disaster, and even in his book, he admits that he hid Covid-19 death numbers in nursing homes by waiting to release the information to the public.

As a leader and politician, you have to hold yourself to a higher standard of behavior. Leaders have a psychological effect on a population, and that effect can be positive or negative. If you lead by example, then that psychological effect will be positive, but if you don’t, then it will be negative. Cuomo is an example of “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to life in general.