The “Scorecard” Of The Biden Administration

Even keeping track of recent history has become more complicated in recent years, owing to the continual media bombardment on current events and the fast changes of the mainstream media. Consequently, in the interest of preserving the collective memory of the changes that have happened since the start of the Trump administration, the following is an attempt to catalog those changes to expose the “big picture” that would shape the future course of action.

First, remember that the infamously mishandled Afghanistan withdrawal is simply the latest in a long line of Biden administration atrocities. Additionally, in less than seven months after the Biden administration and the far left took control of the White House, the following has occurred:

  • Loss of self-sufficiency in terms of energy,
  • Significantly resurgent inflation,
  • Government spending that is out of control,
  • The public’s faith in the electoral system is eroding,
  • The southern border crisis is exploding,
  • Continued anxiety and hysteria over Covid-19,
  • Threats of lockdowns, mandatory mask as well as “vaccine” use,
  • Substituting indoctrination for education,
  • The nuclear family and parental authority are devalued,
  • Sexualization of society and children in an abusive manner,
  • Declaration of “non-absolute” constitutional rights,
  • “Cancel culture” is a term that refers to the suppression of free expression,
  • Attempts to violate the Second Amendment,
  • Increased social divisions as a result of “intersectionality”
  • Exacerbating discrimination via coerced “inclusion,”
  • By recasting America as a land of hatred and tyranny,
  • When rioters and looters are referred to as “peaceful demonstrators,”
  • Assigning law-abiding Americans to the category of “domestic terrorists.”
  • Inviting individuals to surrender “radicalized” family members and acquaintances,
  • Persecution of the Judeo-Christian religion,
  • Property crime, human trafficking, and violent crime are epidemic,
  • Law enforcement and prosecution are weakened,
  • Military leadership that is “awake” has been eviscerated,
  • Reviving the danger of domestic terrorism,
  • International mistrust and contempt, and
  • Chinese influence over the US economy, businesses, social media, entertainment, news organizations, education, sports, and Wall Street increases.

America is currently experiencing a historic political crisis. Given its prior record, it is evident that the Biden administration is unwilling to protect American interests and the Constitution.