The Stakes For Donald Trump Versus Social Media

Trump’s lawsuit against Big Tech has been going on for a while. It is nowhere near the conclusion, but the government’s bias against these media outlets is very apparent. It targets to censor only selective users based on their political expressiveness on these platforms against the government’s interests.

Donald Trump’s Twitter ban has sparked considerable debate on social, political, and legal grounds. However, in terms of free expression, the argument is likely to get public support. The lawsuit is shaped to lift Trump’s ban off twitter and to abolish Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Section 230 was passed by congress some two decades ago to promote the newly establishing web pages and platforms to function without government intervention and were exempted from liabilities by the actions of its users and to operate as neutral platforms, forming a modern public sphere with all views and narratives being respected. The Section also rejects any censorship by the government but not the private companies, making companies like Twitter liable to ban Trump. But the natural suspicions arise when these companies work in partnership with the government. Jen Psaki has outwardly stated that the government is working with Facebook to flag the posts they deem problematic and spread misinformation.

She is starting to have been involved in interfering with these private operators, which derogates Section 230 and makes Trump’s lawsuit more viable to victory.

Let’s admit for a second that Trump did deserve to get banned from Twitter for stating his point of view on the platform like every other 70 million users do, then why are people like Ayatollah Khamenei that very explicitly write “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” tweets are still allowed to use the platform. Perhaps now is the time for the people to connect the dots and understand that banning the US President right before the presidential elections is nothing short of a strategy planned by the opposition covering it by calling it information and criticizing criticism as hate speech. The democrats are manipulating the entire scenario with corrupt media covering them up and now social media.