Trey Gowdy Notices One Interesting Detail About Bidens Response To Cuomo Resigning

Personal relationships, either political or friendly, are no reason to excuse devious behavior. Andrew Cuomo has agreed to resign, but President Joe Biden couldn’t stop speaking about his political accomplishments or what he perceived as political accomplishments.

New Yorkers saw a 2.4% mortality rate from Covid-19, which isn’t a huge accomplishment compared to their neighbor New Jersey at 2.5% and California across the country at 1.5%. To say Cuomo has done a great job with Covid-19 is a bit ridiculous. That nearly 1% difference in New York and California would represent around 20,000 deaths, so did he do “a hell of a job” as Joe Biden says? If 20,000 more deaths mean “a hell of a job,” then yeah, sure, Biden.

Biden also lamented Cuomo’s infrastructure success, but that’s probably due to the infrastructure bill that was set to pass at the time. Why didn’t the press ask what Cuomo’s preferred perfume or favorite sex position was while they were at it? No pressure for the Democratic President from the media.

If Cuomo’s accusers are correct, Cuomo could face jail time for his actions. They aren’t baseless claims made by an ex that may be upset with you. One of the accusers is a law enforcement officer. I guess the Democrats will have to decide if the State Trooper should be “fried like bacon” or “believe all accusers.” Then again, if Hilary Clinton gets involved, all accusers will be torn down regardless of the demographic.

After lamenting on Cuomo’s accomplishments, Biden said, “that’s why it’s so sad,” as if losing a Governor that has committed misdemeanors and felonies while in the office is a sad thing. That’s the biggest takeaway from the press conference Biden held. He’s sad to see a sexual deviant out of office. Nothing new for Biden though, he’s seen his son, Hunter Biden, on his sexual escapades worldwide. Maybe Hunter kept 10% of his lovers for the “big guy.”

Even Press Secretary Jen Psaki made sure to mention that New York was suffering greatly from Covid-19 and an economic crisis and noted Biden has been consistent with his position of believing all victims unless it’s Tara Reade. If they thought of her, then Biden would ask himself to resign. His dementia probably caused him to forget.