Trump campaign wins another battle in Pennsylvania court; certain ballots lacking some voter information will not be counted for now

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The Presidential campaign for President Donald Trump notched another legal victory in Pennsylvania, securing an order requiring Pennsylvania election officials to set aside certain ballots that are lacking some voter information and not include them in the final tally until litigation concerning them can be resolved.

The ruling comes in response to one of the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign earlier this week, which sought to have certain mail-in ballots that lacked certain voter identification information thrown out. The judge has not yet ruled on the campaign’s lawsuit, but did agree in an order released Thursday afternoon to segregate the contested ballots and keep them from being counted in the official tally until the litigation is resolved.

The Trump campaign hopes that this will help prevent former Vice President Joe Biden from taking a lead in the first count of ballots, which would make their battle significantly more difficult from a political and public relations standpoint.

The number of ballots currently expected to be affected by the order is almost certain to be relatively small, and would likely not matter unless the final margin in Pennsylvania is 10,000 votes or less. The Trump campaign, meanwhile, remains hopeful that the race will, indeed, be close enough for this ruling to matter in the final analysis.

This litigation is separate from the lawsuit concerning the vote count in Philly, in which the campaign scored yet another victory on Thursday, securing an order that theoretically allows them to observe counting in Philadelphia from close range. The campaign had complained that their observer was kept over 100 feet away from some of the counting tables, which prevented them from verifying that ballots that were being counted were in conformity with the law. However, Trump campaign operative Corey Lewandowski has complained that that the Trump campaign is not being given the access they are supposed to have pursuant to the order.