War Zone: 45 People Shot In Less Than 12 Hours In Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago

Saturday marked the sad event of bloodshed marked by the traffic stop armed confrontation that led to two police officers falling victim to the shooting, with one pronounced dead and the other as critical. Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, was met with a cold shoulder as she visited the family and the officers at the hospital and rightfully so because it’s about time she started taking reasonable actions regarding the prevalent street violence in the state.

Lightfoot initially abstained from providing any statement on the shooting incident, but later on, she gave the same old speech, blaming it all on the guns and gangs. The police officers mourning the death of 29-year-old police officer Ella French, who just returned from maternity leave, and another police officer in critical condition were not having any of the bullshit Lightfoot had for them. They blamed her for the shooting, and more than a dozen officers turned their back towards her.

Following in the footsteps of Democrats, Lightfoot blames weapons and gangs for the carnage on the streets. But what about the weak justice system and courthouses? How about strengthening the judiciary and, instead of defunding the police department, upholding the standards of an excellent policing system. But just like every other Democrat trying to save their face, she has also blamed it on the guns, calling it a common enemy, just like Biden does, and before him, Obama had been advocating.

Chicago’s south side has been a war zone for decades now, with black people shooting other black people in economically depressed black neighborhoods, but the real cause for this violence is not being addressed. They use the jargon of ‘systemic racism’ to avoid talking about the real issue at hand. That is the economic frustration among these communities that can be improved with government intervention. Even during the whole Black Lives Matter era, they escaped their failures, blaming it on systemic racism, a term they don’t get tired of using, and that includes Lightfoot as well.