Weak Dems Panic As Massive Effort To Remove Them From Power Begins

Campaign ads can be funny, scary, and even harmful. They have already begun, so check your mailbox for campaign ads so you can light your wood in your fireplace. The Democrats have been given the excellent opportunity to give Republicans a chance to attack them.

The Democrats in Texas who have arrest warrants will be a massive push in Texas. Political ads and mask mandates and lockdowns will have a negative effect at the polls for the Democrats. The red state has many blue cities in it, but that might change in the coming years. California residents may affect voting, but Californians left their condition because they weren’t happy about the political powers in charge. Hopefully, they can see that Democrat policies don’t work.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a shining example of Democrat Covid-19 policy. His resignation after sexual harassment and sexual assault accusations gives Americans a picture that Democrats are starting to turn on each other to divert responsibility for the failed policies that have been put in place. Cuomo’s replacement will cooperate with full investigations into the Covid-19 nursing home deaths. Hopefully, families and friends of those who died will have peace and find the light at the end of the tunnel for accountability for their loved one’s deaths. He has to answer for his staff’s wrongdoings. More information will come out about the nursing homes, and it may not be suitable for Cuomo.

President Joe Biden and his team have provided Republicans with a wealth of good fodder to use against the Democratic Party. The incompetence in the withdrawal from Afghanistan is one of them, along with the vaccine passports and possible mandates. The Democratic party is trying to make it impossible to live life without getting the vaccine, but its efficacy hasn’t been proven yet. The Federal Drug Administration hasn’t even authorized the vaccine, so Americans don’t know how effective the vaccine is. Under U.S. Code, emergency use authorization medical products can’t be mandated, and many court cases are ongoing that could make it illegal for employers to require the vaccine, much less the federal government.

Republican State Leadership Committee has dedicated six figures to Virginia’s November election, and according to RSLC, their target is increasing costs of living, the politicization of public education, and rising violent crime occurring nationally as a result of Democrat-controlled Washington have been exacerbated in Virginia due to failed Democrat leadership in Richmond.

RSLC is targeting six Democrat incumbents to the House of Delegates. The Virginia politicians haven’t listened to the outcry from the people they represent. If you remember, in January of 2020, Virginia gun owners held a rally that hosted tens of thousands of gun owners at the Virginia capitol that ended peacefully. Virginia still passed universal background check policies and a policy that limits one pistol purchase per month.